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2G ATX fluid change

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I've got an automatic 96 Mx6 M Edition and am wondering when the Transmission fluid should be changed. The car has 120,000 on it now, and I think it was last changed near the 60K mark. I do DRIVE the car. I ask because my mechanic mentioned that I should just drive the car and not change the fluid. He said that since it has been in there for some time, changing it may screw up the transmission. What is everyone's take on this? How often do you do it, and any recommendations on how to do/or what to use? I searched the forums, and found some similar posts about never replacing the fluid, but I think that was for 1st gen mtx's. It seems that the transmission is slightly sliiping from 1st to 2nd. Thanks
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Your mech is right, it's a risk. The ATX builds up laquor build up over time where the seals are and flushing the systems involves pressurizing it, which removes the build up. If that occurs, your transmission is now full of fail.

Thanks for the reply. So the transmission should work just fine for the life of the car? I see these same mx6's with 200,000 miles for sale, can I really expect the car to go that far without a change of atx fluid?
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