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due to financial commitments i am forced to sell my car...... with much regret.

my question is what is a reasonable price to be asking for the following vehicle???

MX6 "96" manual
all the usual options
red - respray in 2000, 17" rims ( falcon front pirelli rear tyres 75% )
lowered on king-springs
tinted windows
bored throttlebody and inlet manifold
lightend fly wheel
140,000 on the clock ( ALL highway k's....)
2.5" exhaust with magnaflow muffler and spare muffler.
custom air intake(pod style)
battery relocated to boot,
VDO alarm & 3point australian standard immobiliser,
18mm whiteline swaybar...(with spare original)
full reciepts.
mint condition and fastidious owner...

any advice would be appreciated..

as form previous homework i have noticed an average of 18 - 19000 for a car of the same era STOCK!

CHEERS all!!!


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i think the best ya may get is a nice 17-18gs, but im not really sure,
i had a look into my 94gen2, which was the last of the 1st verions
and i wouldnt sell my car less then 14gs, and if anything happens to it, ill get a nice $15,500 back for it,
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