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what a muthaphukin rush!!!

I met up with one of my old work buddys who has a 2001 Saleen Mustang, All done up with pure engine work... he told me about 350HP at the crank... We got the chance to line em up on the way to mcdonalds for lunch...
Im like "lets go lets go!!!" knowing I will have my ass handed to me in a wet paper bag.
So the light switches up.. we let er RIP!!! I had an awsome take off.. and I think he did too. I HAD HIM till the top of my first gear, as soon as heard him shift to second... I was merely stairing at his tail lights as he phukin ripped right by me. (im still a little hyped from the rush... :) )

I knew Id get smoked but it was a hell of a lot of fun racin him...


heres a story about your 351 saleen friend....

A friend of mine has a old body style chevy duelly,, he just got it out of the shop, the motor is like 500+ cubes, built with a blower, and a racing transmission....., sleeper though..

we pulled up next to a light and this 351 saleen was revving the V8,

we pulled away.. and he got fully on it...and we got on it also, and i'm sure if the fact that a duelly was pulling on him hard was not bad enough, well then when the 10 car length reality check set it and he realized that he just couldn't produce 650HP then he probably needed to pull over and rest a while...

Whats bad is that he KNEW he was gonna whip some ace, and he just got his ace licked...

moral is,,, you can't always have your cake n' eat it too!!...

someone else is always crazier somewhere...

Plus a stock 351 PLLEEEZE... any high school kid can ask for one of those... thats no fun BUILD DA motor yourself and make it exactly what you want!!
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