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Hey everyone,

I've just brought home my newest project, 1989 MX6 GT (4WS).
The only major issue with it is the fault 4WS, I've spent today trying to get to the bottom of it, and no matter how many forums I read, I can't wrap my head around it.
So, when I turn the ignition on, all dash lights light up (which I've read is normal), and once I start the car, the abs light flashes 4 times then goes away. The 4WS seems to work just after I start the car, but as soon as I start to drive, the rear wheels lock in the centre, and the car goes to 2WS.
The 4WS light flashes once every 5 seconds or so, and after about a minute it remains on, until I turn the engine off and on again
From what I've read, this is giving a code '01', which relates to a faulty VSS (vehicle speed sensor).
The speedo works fine, so I figured it must be an issue with the electronic portion of the speed sensor (a small sensor that is located on the outside of the gearbox, mated to the speedo cable itself).
After pulling out the speedo assembly from the gearbox, all seemed normal with little to no wear on the driven gear, and after pulling the sensor apart, I couldn't visibly see anything wrong with it.

Does anyone know if I'm reading that flash code right? and if I am, what would be the next step in my journey to fix my 4WS system?

I've heard resetting the ECU/4WS computer can get rid of any false codes, how do I go about doing that?

Any information on what path to take next would be greatly appreciated.
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