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626 Turbo For Sale

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I am selling my trusty 626 Turbo.

1990 model 2WS
245 000km
5 speed manual
Champagne colour
Rego May 09

NO engine mods
Only turbo timer & BOV

I am only sell as I will be receiving a company next Month.

Located in Wollongong.

Any questions please call 0413 742 801

$ 3900 ONO........

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I pick up my company car next week would like to have room in the driveway.

Open to offers......................
Price drop $3500 ono....
Surely someone knows some body who wants these cars?????

keen to sell guys, my bottem line price is $2750......

If any one is interested. any questions please ring 0413 742 801.

Car has just been sitting there....................

No takers???
if you end up wrecking it i will be happy to take the whole manual setup for $800 when we get this govment money at the end of march just think about it and let me know because u will make more money by wrecking it
I will let you know if I end up doing that...
I will let you know if I end up doing that...
cheers buddy im just so despret for a gearbox and that will be the whole manual setup i will be buying off you dont forget and if its white i will probably take the bonnet and gaurds aswell if they are dentless and in good condition
Car has now been sold.......
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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