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88 mx6 gt tacho not working??

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hi does anyone have a wiring diagram for the instrument cluster on an 88 mx6 as the tacho does not work.. or does anyone know where i can find one.. thanks.
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in the "1GEN" section. There is a shop manual available if you have adobe.

O wait i just remembered its 90-92. Try searching in the first gen area. I dont' recall one lately but i'm positive after 20 years someone has encountered your situation at least once.
I have one for an 89 GT, the wire for the Tachometer is yellow/blue and gets its signal from the ignition coil.
you know, i knew that............times like this i wish i would have thought about it more.

Check the negative post of the external coil, that should be where the wire comes from.
theres also a test connector in the corner by the coil. its is indeed yellow with a blue stripe. the 89 wiring diagram is posted in the 1gen section by me :)
Now that I think about it, I've enver owned a first gen with a working tach....odd.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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