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I'm looking to get cruise control for my car (1989 626, Australian (RHD) version) because I do a fair amount of highway driving.

I've been doing a bit of researching, and found that I need the following:
  • Cruise main switch, located to the lower left of the steering wheel
  • Cruise set/coast/resume switch, located on windscreen wiper combination switch
  • Cruise computer, located under steering column/above pedals somewhere
  • Cruise actuator, located on left hand strut tower under bonnet (shares bracket with ignition coil?)
I've had a poke around, and I've found the wiring connectors for the cruise main switch and the set/coast/resume switch. I can't find any connectors for the computer and I've looked under the driver side kick panel (below the fuse box), above the accelerator pedal, above the clutch pedal, etc...I don't know where exactly to look. There are a few unused connectors in the area where the actuator would be.

The info I'm after is the location/shape/size/colour/etc of the cruise computer and accompanying connector, as well as the location/shape/size/colour/etc of the cruise actuator and accompanying connector.

I'm after all this info so when I go a wrecking yard where I can pull the parts out myself I know what to look for, or if the wrecking yard gets the parts for me I know where to put them.

Any info would be highly appreciated, thanks! :tup:
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