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89 - 90 turn/wiper switch ?

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I replaced mine a while back and just realized that the cruise set buttons are different. The stock had a switch button seperate for the "set" and the one that I got off of a 90 doesn't. The 90 just combines the two "set and cruise".

Just curious if anyone had a way to get it working? I kind of miss it for long driving.....
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Wiring is a touch different, you'll need to get another 88-89 one..

88-89 is different than 90-92... and they don't swap.

Not much to say 'bout that.
That sucks, everything else works fine. I wonder if I could splice the wiring some how?....
Anything is possible..

The wiring diagrams are posted in the 1g forum if you dig around.

Compnut21 posted the '89 wiring diagram.
The '90-92 WSM has been posted.

between the two, it should be possible to figure it out.
u can jump one wire and make the cruise work, i did it when i upgraded to var. inter. wipers and noticed that. i cant remeber which one i jumpered to, one has 3 wires and the other has 4 wires. get the wiring for the car and take a look. one function will not work and for the life of me i cant remeber which one it was!!!!i will have to take a look again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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