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just did a tranny swap on my 89 atx gt. the tranny was supposedly in good condition according to the salvage yard. before the swap i changed the filter and of course there is new fluid and the level is perfect. :p

i found this thread that PINPOINTS the same issue i'm having:

but my "hold" light does NOT flash at all. it functions normally. when i turn the "hold" system on and try to force it into 3rd it just stays in second... but no blinking of the "hold" light occurs whatsoever. so that kind of eliminates all the solenoids and throttle sensor.

the only thing left that it could be that won't require another swap is the inhibitor switch or maybe there is a "breaking in" process that's needed before things work normally (doubtful). for now, i'm just gonna have royal transmission hook it up to their EC-AT tester and see what happens.

thoughts/ideas anyone?
thanks a mil :confused:
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