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so the other day i'm at my work and i start my car to leave and it's giving me some **** something terrible. It's knocking squeaking , and i'm just like "what?". So i check and add some oil, start it up and i drive maybe less than a block and it won't go into gear at all. So i get the car towed to my mechanic, long story short I NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION. Will an 89 626 automatic transmission work in my 89 mx-6 (non-turbo). i just need to get the car running again as soon as possible and i need to figure something out. My friend has a busted ass 626 (i'm not sure what she did to it) but it has a brand new transmission that is fine , unlike the rest of the car. Would that transmission work? If someone could please help me, either respond here or e-mail me at [email protected]



p.s. if anyone knows and could estimate a labor price that would be great.

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If you pay a shop to do this you will pay out your a$$. This is a fairly big job that requires about 5-8 labor hours. Depending on the shop. Myself and a friend of mine did mine in about 7 hours, he had done it before, I had'nt. I am quite sure that mx6 and probe trannys from 88-92 are compatible and 93-97 too. However a turbo tranny can not be swapped out with an n/a tranny. I think you can swap out an auto tranny with a manual with just a linkage swap and the cpu. Might wanna do a search on this though.
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