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89 pgt does not stay running

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i have a 1989 probe gt turbo it was running fine and then it stopped it runs for like 5 sec then stop and it runs like a bag of shit for the 5 sec and it wont start unless you turn the key off and then back on again then it will do the same thing i have no idea whats wrong it was running really good any idea whats wrong i have alote done to it so
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vacuum leak.....take off all the intercooler piping and inspect it. You will find you have a small crack or something on it.
either a bad leak in the intake or a bad ecu.

also jiggle the vaf connection for good measure.
Start at the basics, got gas? Got spark? Rats nest in intake?(don't laugh, it's happened!) And so on. Any codes pull up? Etc., etc., etc........
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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