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89 PGT for sale...

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i am in a hard place for money..gotta sell has a very slow leak of gear oil..out of the speedo hole it was like that when i got it.. tried to seal it up but no luck i only drips like one drip when you run it for a long time and park it....

here it is..the price is very nego.. 89 ford probe GT TURBO for SELL or TRADE

VIN# 1ZVBT22LOK5210376

by the way justin this is chase brandon's friend that had the red turbo talon..
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wow... if someone pays you 200 for that i would be AMAZED! no offense... personal value is always marked up higher... i say this for one we know what the TRUE value of that car is... id maybe pay 1000 for it... would have to source a TB boot... which isnt cheap... and junkyard boots are usually ripped... and then whats up with the tranny? y did you need a new one?
thats why i said very nego i know the car isn't worth that much..the tranny leaks every once and awhile so i was going to put a new tranny in it and keep it..but i got another project and if it doesn't sell it will just be parked beside my house..
CAR SOLD please close thread...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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