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90-92 Jet Performance ECU

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Deleted until a mod is contacted.
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you need to contact Lambera, before attemping to sell anything else on this site. Your reputation is questionable, based on past transactions.

I've deleted the contents of this post. Don't make another unless it's been cleared with Lambera.

If another is created without approval... you'll be banned.
did everyone who bought off him before get their stuff/money back?
I dont know he has not contacted me like requested.
the only shit i've sold on here were the heatshields that we made for mx6's back in the day. me selling a spare ECU laying around and it being a big deal is stupid.
Is that your response?

I'll refresh your memory:

several people complained about never receiving parts. Care to rethink your response?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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