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well it seems to be happening to me more often. i was out re-testing my car for boost leaks when i chanced upon an ideal situation. there we were all 3 of us. 2 cars in one lane and one in the other all travelling the same direction onto a 2 laned highway waiting for the green to go. i was behind the 2nd 5.0 and he was revving up the dude in the next lane. the start was on a slight bend so i knew they would both lose traction on the go. i started my chorus of revving my enigne with the crckle and popping of the turbo over-run. they looked and grinned and before i knew it they were both fish-tailing away from me. i caught 5.0 number 1 in 3rd on boost(standard boost mind you)i then over took him and started reeling in bis buddy 5.0 number 2. he was a slippery sucker but i managed to gain as i changed into fifth flat strap. as u guys would know 5.0 aent easy to catch when they get the jump on you. anyways that being done i found myself leaving the 5.0 guys in my wake a total of 220kmh came up before they gave up trying to catch me. then my life changed !! as i was slipping my car into neutral doing 200kph still letting my car slowdown naturally, i spied headlights growing closer and closer, they were darting round the 5.0s i had left behind. cops? no way, the 5.0 guys nope they r still back there crying...then no sooner did i change lanes to anticipate the car ramming up my back it flew past me. slowing from 200kmh. what the fuck was that? i heard the burble of the exhaust ..i know those tail lights! NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R!! V-SPEC. what the hell speed is he doing? man i have always had respect for those cars but they are very deadly cars. i guess from my speed he was doing almost 250-260kmh. i like to be smoked like that!
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