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At the moment this is just expression of interest but Im thinking of selling my Telstar TX5 (4 cylinder). Canberra car.

The interior is pretty emaculet, a couple of cigaret burns from the previous owner but doesn't smell like a smokers car (nor do I smoke). There is about 190k's on the clock but its not the original engine so I would say 3 quaters of that are actually on the engine, if not less. The car certanly drives well and the 4 cylinder is quite good on the fuel. The body on the car is good, no major damage. There is 2 slight dints in the pasanger door that can only be seen at an angle. There is also a small scratch in the paint work.

Has a sony headunit in it, nothing great but does the job. I recently put some 6x9's on the back parcel shelf for a bit more sound.

Recently had the throttle body cleaned, replaced the spark plugs and changed the oil with mobil 1. There is also rego into next year (can't remember when exactly, have to check)

Just expression of interest at the moment and I will say $5,000 ono for the moment. So if anyone wants to know more or is interested post a reply.

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