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'93 Engine/transmission grinding noise.

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I have a 93 4 cylinder manual mx6.

The car has a Very loud scraping noise that's coming from the engine. the noise is constant and increases and decreases in frequency with the engine rpm's.

the noise happens the most when I'm idling at a stop light, and it decreases/goes away after about 30 seconds of driving at 2.5k+ rpm's. but when I idle at a stop light it comes right back on.

The noise does not change when I push the clutch in or switch into neutral or any gear. It is basically tied directly to the engine rpm's.

I just changed my oil and topped of the manual transmission oil (1/4 liter). It still makes the noise.

The car still drive exactly like it did before, the shifting between gears is smooth and the clutch engages like it used to. the engine revs about 90% as freely as it did before the noise began happening. If the engine isn't making the noise it revs 100% as freely.

The scraping noise began one morning all the sudden when I drove the car in the morning. The night before it was fine.

All recommendations are welcome.


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Not sure on the manual, but the auto has 2 plugs you can remove on the bottom of the tranny where the TQ bolts to the flex plate. Look for an inspection hatch or a hole on the bottom of the tranney, and see if you can see any metal shavings or debris inside.
Thanks for the reply,

I don't think it's a transmission problem, I just drained the fluid and refilled it, The fluid is in the same condition that it was in when I first dropped new fluid in.

What part in the engine will rotate with the speed of the engine?

I checked the timing gears and they're fine, the camshafts are in great condition. The only other thing that I can think of is the flywheel?

I dont' know, any ideas?
Ahhh. The title was Engine/transmission grinding noise, so I assumed you had the noise narrowed down to being between the engine and tranney. The flywheel rotates with the speed of the engine, which is right between the tranney and engine. However it could be any number of things, asthere are plenty of things that increase with the rpms. And because you changed the fuild doesnt mean anything changed with the tranney/flywheel. Do what I mentioned above, as there is no fluid between the engine/tranney where the flywheel is, so changing the fuild wouldnt have impacted this.
Methinks starving rod bearing. Or shot piston rings.
Hmm, just throwing it out there but the main concern I've noticed from the description of the symptoms is that this primarly occurs at idle... If the motor placement shifts when you are giving it throttle (assuming the motor mounts are slightly worn) possibly some rotating assembly (external pulley, etc.) is making contact on a place where it shouldn't be only at idle. Broad statement, wish I could be more descriptive but something to keep in mind. GL, keep us posted...
hello good sir! i just wanted to throw it out there I have the exact same symtoms with my MX6 and too have been trying to figure the issue out. Have you found a solution yet?
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