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i know this is the wrong forum but i just thought i'd let the people a little closer to where i live know

i have a red 93 mx6 ls v6 (hints the screen name)
any way heres the good
brand new clutch (only 2,000 miles)
brand new sensors
recently changed waterpump
recently changed timing belt
17'' excel gun metal rims with a polished lip
klze 166,xxx miles
ractive cat-back with gutted cat (very loud but in a good way)
brand new plugs and wires
brand new cap and rotor
brand new brake pads
brand new cv joints (not installed still in box)
and heres the bad
small dent in hood near emblem
primered trunk (shaved emblems & shaved antenna)
knocking noise in engine (sounds like a rod) but still drivable

i'm asking $2,000 firm. you can fix it or use the parts (its worth that in parts)
call ask for jordan if not there please leave a message
i live in jackson, tennessee (just 90 miles northeast of memphis, 2 hours from nashville, 5 hours from chattanooga, and 6-7 hours from atlanta)
if you'd like to schedule a time to look at it call
i don't have a digital camera for pics but thats bassically it, oh yeah its a 5-speed
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