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I have a MX6 LS for sale in Columbus Ohio. You will need a trailer to tow truck to get it home. as I cant get it to start right now. Its not in the best shape but it did run before now, there was a shifting problem I believe to be computer related. While I was waiting to find a new ECU to try I let the car sit for 3 days without running. Now it wont start, the signal to the starter is weak even though the battery is fully charged and when I jump the terminals it cranks great. It may need a new ignition switch to fix this. I didnt really look into it. Mileage is 216K. The tranny is clean and painted and when it does shift (manual shift) it shifts great, thats why I think it is fine. When I got it I was told it had been recently rebuilt. Front brakes are new as well. Stock rims with great tires, 75% life left on them.

In the next few days I'm going to try to get a new ignition switch, depending on how much it is, in it and see what happens.

The body is decent, dark green with a primed (spray can) hood. Has a normal spoiler, not the lip style. front bumper is a little banged up but not much at all. Paint marks on rear bumper. Patch of rust behind driver door handle. Far from perfect but not all beat up either.

Tan leather interior in decent shape, two 1" inch cracks in the dash. driver side seat had some tears so I got some 2" wide vinyl tape in a brownish color and taped it all up, it gets the job done and was cheap. All power, moon roof works but needs help. Has a power door lock actuator installed in driver door (factory only the passenger door has one, it is controlled by you moving the driver side lock) and keyless entry / alarm.

The car is all stock other than a intake (90* elbow, VAF then cone filter) and a MSD 6a, tach adapter and HEI mod.

I'm asking $1000 obo but feel free to make an offer.

email [email protected] for pics so I don't have to host them or other questions.
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