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My friend and I race from time to time; just thought I'd post the results. (The 85 MR2 is mine)

First race:
MX-6 pulls me by about 1 1/2 lenths off the line and wins by about 2 lenths at the end of the 1/4.

Second race (few months later):
*My MR2's spark plugs had some bad glazing going on so new plugs went in just befor the race.
I pull ahead of the MX-6 about 1 1/2 lenths off the line and win by about 1/2 lenth.

Third race:
*My friends MX-6 had timing belt problems: jumped 2 teeth causing the cam to retard. (more top end but no low-end torque)
Fixed that and then raced again.
We both come off the line the same and both shift out of first while still side-by-side. I go through the 1st-2nd shift with my foot on the floor and my engine against the 7800 rpm rev-limiter. When the clutch grabbed my tires chirped and I jumped ahead a few feet. The story was the same when we shifted to 3rd (with substantially less chirping of the tires however). The win was mine by about 3 feet... A very exiting race!

We have yet to race again but I can hardly wait for the next run. The MX-6 had some deposites in the catalytic converter, which has been replaced with a newer, improved flow type. In my corner, I got hold of a knock monitor and found that my ignition advance was causing pinging below 3000 rpm and above 6500 rpm. After reducing the ignition advance I had substantial gains but I don't know if it will overpower the MightyX-6's new found ability to exhale exhaust gas. Only time will tell.

After driving my MR2 and getting into an MX-6, the first thing I notice is that the Mazda has a lot more low-end snap (not to mention head room). I also like the smooth transition from partial throttle to open loop/WOT mode. All in all, I'm very impressed with the car; it's very fast stock, especially for the price and year. The only thing I would change if it were my car is the cam and fuel/ignition map so that it could use the 6000-7000 rpm range more effectively.

BTW: you'll get the best acceleration if you shift at the following rpms.
1st-2nd: 7500 rpm (yes, that's past redline)
2nd-3rd: 6800 rpm
3rd-4th: 6400 rpm
4th-5th: 6500 rpm

These figures were calculated based on the gear spacing and torque curve of the engine.

About tires: wider help you off the line but unless you have some pretty big mods they'll cause your 1/4 mile to drop due to more friction (drag).

I have pretty good information about EFI tuning. Feel free to IM me if you you have any questions or comments.
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