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/ Hi , im trying to sell my brothers red '93 MX6 LS, dohc v-6, black leather, cd/tape/radio, sunroof, blackout headlight covers, 132k highway miles.
~~ Why the low price?~~
It has some paint flaking on the rear bumper side so that needs to be repainted.
Also, its leaking coolant so i think the water pump needs to be replaced. the bluebook value on this car is $6000 but i need to sell it soon and have it priced for quick sale.
Email me at [email protected] for more info.
The car is in Odessa Tx (west texas, permian basin)

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Hey, I'm from Odessa!
I'm not in the market for a car, sorry this won't be any help, but it's a small world.
By any chance does your bro live out in Mission Dorado, I talked to a guy with a red mx6 out there once.
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