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Hi guys Im new here and I recently bought a 93 mx6 with 204000 km on the clock. The guy I bought the car from installed a new timing belt kit, rocker cover gaskets, acc drive belts, new Castro gtx 15W40 high mileage oil and a duck oil filter. However I am experiencing really really bad fuel average. I get at the most 240 km out off a full tank. I've run injector cleaner and installed new NGK spark plug wires and cleaned the NGK R spark plugs that came with the car when I bought it. I also have a new air filter installed.

I don't know why I am getting such a bad average. I do mainly highway driving usually 120k each day and yet I'm filling up every second day. The car did not come with the service books but from the looks off it it was maintained really well by the previous owner. The car starts on half crank ever time without fail and runs perfectly.

What could be the reason behind the mileage problem?

An help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.... cheers :D
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