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93 pgt part out

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Just letting you guys know that this is the final part out of this car.. What doesnt sell goes to the crusher on the 8th when they start taking cars again. The engine is still in good condition just needs a new timing belt kit and your intake manifold. 5 speed tranny is also in good condition car has 149k. has indaglow gagues. im not gonna make a parts list. just simply ask and ill reply.

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Ill take the tranny off your hands for cheap.
ill sell you the tranny for 75 bucks if you come up here and get it, in other words help me remove it. thats pretty cheap in my book.
Yeah it is. Do you have tools, jacks, ect to do all this or do I need to bring mine?

I could do it not this weekend but next.
i have everything except an engine hoist.
power steering assembly? oh and do you know where i might be able to find a 4g63t?
Ill see if I can get a truck and bring mine.

i have everything except an engine hoist.
sounds good.

Ill see if I can get a truck and bring mine.

30 bucks for the ps assembly u pull. and i dont know where to get a 4g63t. the 2 i have arnt really forsale.
i'm looking for the CV half shaft on the passenger side.
i want to make sure, does it have the 3 bolt mount?
im prety sure they all have a the 3 bolt mount as the engines didnt change much threw the years.
actually i think it was only the 93-94 that has the 3 bolt. most other models have a 2 bolt mount for the bearing.
but if you end up taking it out let me know what you want for it.
still got the disty for the v6? will they fit directly into mx6s?
yes they will fit directly into a mx6. and you need a 95 plus . i think i have one but dont know if i want to sell it.. how much are you willing to pay for one?
yeah i have a 96, lately ive been having hard starts, thinking it might be my distributor or fuel pump, or even my starter. actually, ive been having hard starts ever since i bought my car about 2 years ago.
like i said if you give me a price i can refuse ill probably sell it. otherwise check your ground wires to and from the battery, timing and starter.
400 for the entire car obo.
i am looking for the side skirts... the middle one on the passenger side and the front and rear on the drivers side....
sorry side skirts are gone
any pic of what the engine electrical harness looks like? i could always use some bulk wire and misc connectors.
i dont at the moment but i could get you some pics tomarrow .. pm me your email adress and ill send them to you.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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