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Well I'm considering selling my daily driver six. Its been a good car to me, but I've been longing for a pickup and/or another project car and for that to happen the six has to go.

Car is located in Pittsburgh Pa.

The details on the car are:

93 maroon LS atx. ~169k miles or so

Ze engine is a curved neck with flat top pistons. Engine sounds great. Revs smoothly. Has a maroon/purpleish powder coated front valve cover looks nice. Brand new valve cover gaskets, intake gasket, disty cap, rotor, plugs, and wires. Motor has 10k on it since the swap.

Has a chip of unknown variety. Doesn't throw any check engine lights. But if you pull codes shows 3 emissions related codes.

The atx is a bit iffy. Car shifts ok. A little hard every now and then but easily drivable. I feel having the tranny properly flushed to clear out the old fluid will greatly improve the feel. The most worrying thing about the tranny is it throws a code 06 VSS (vehicle speed sensor) when sitting in drive after ridding around for a while. No idea on that one because the speedometer still works

The exhaust is in decent shape with a high flow cat and 2.5" mandrel bends all the way back, but it is not perfect. Previous owner welded it from the y pipe back. No flanges. The back of the exhuast had rusted out past the resonator so I cut it out and replaced it with stainless mandrel bent pipes, but they're just clamped on. Needs an hour in the exhaust shop to have it welded up. Or you can just leave it clamped, because hey it works.

It also appears to a have an exhaust leak at the rear header. I'm including a new set of exhaust manifold gaskets. I don't think I'll have the motivation to fix that one.

brand new fuel pump.

Tires are in good shape (7/16's tread or more) on newer protege 16" 5-spokes, but the tires front and back are mis-matched in size. Fronts are 205/55/16 and backs are 205/60/16's

Suspension is in good shape, with 4 brand new endlinks on it. Has a rstb and some other bar chilling the trunk uninstalled. Never got that far. (the endlinks are not my stainless ones *gasp* I know. They were installed right before I purchased the car though)

brakes seem perfect. decent life left on the pads

The body has seen better days. Dent at the passenger rear quarter just behind the door. Flaking, awful mazda clear all over. However it is virtually rust free.

Interior is a mixed bag. Brand new kicker speakers to replace front and rear. Stainless door sills. Relatively clean and only one small hole in the cloth seats. Power windows and locks work. However there is no head unit. (I've been on the look out for one and will try to have one before the car is sold) and the heater/air condition controls don't work. It will only blow heat on full.
Also the control stalk for the wipers needs to be replaced. Previous owner wired up a switch to turn the wipers on in the mean time.

The car could be daily driven. (in fact it is right now) However it would make an awesome parts car or project. Good ze engine, chipped ecu, stainless door sills, clear corners, etc. Theres lots of good stuff.

Asking 1100 obo Will also consider trades for a small truck or suv.

*door cards are off becuase I was installing speakers. They are included and in good shape
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