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2nd owner, 30k mi in the last 5 years.

-Battery replaced in late oct '05.
-Tranny flush and 100k tuneup ($430) in august '05
-timing belt and new tensioner in 2002 (10k ago)
-brakes and tires in 2002 (also 10k mi ago)

-cd player
-beige cloth int (good condition/clean cab)
-drk green ext

the bad:
- one "brights" headlight out

- 2 minor cracks on both front cv boots

- minor (cosmetic only) body damage on driver's side from being clipped while parked on QA (thanks responsible driver for taking off with no note!)
*side note on clipping* I replaced the power mirror unpainted as I was going to have the car repainted w/ the other scratches and dent.
The damage is pretty minimal- maaco said they could take care of it w/ paint job for the ambassador job for a few hundred.

-accel delay problem- see my thread in general forum. Doesnt really affect driving. Car is very reliable, and Ive driven it this way for about 1 1/2 yrs. Mazda dealer quoted 130 for part (cracked seal/cap in engine) plus a couple hours labor. Im just too poor to have had it done before.

Ive take good care of the car, and recently upgraded to a MT v6. This is my third "6". I posted on Craig's asking for 2550 obo, but I know you guys know the value is closer to 2k for this condition.

Ill consider serious offers though- my insurance is running out on it, and I need the driveway back for my other 6-baby.

Pics avail on in seattle forum, or email I can send them to you

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I'm in port angeles and am looking for an mx6. I was of course hoping to find an ls mtx but im getting tired of not having a car. around wednesday i will run into some money. Even then i will only have around 1600-1700. thats all i can spen right now as i am newly moved out. let me know.

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