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94 Mx6

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Hey Everyone,

One of the blokes at work said there is a 1994 MX6, white, All electrics working fine. Spitting image of mine, minus the import tail lights. Great condition.

Apparently at Tuggeranong ACT, at the local shops.

I havent seen it personally but the bloke at works is thinking about it cause he reckons its in top nick. So if your an ACT person, go check it out :)

Price on it is $4000.

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Hey there, do you know if he would be interested in selling off parts of it? Reason i'm asking is because i've smashed my 94 MX6's front passenger wheel and now its all over the place. I've broken its control arms and stuff and wondering where i can get the parts from. You know of anybody selling off parts for wheels like that?
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