Good to great condition MX6, used to drive it, but don't anymore with two other trucks. Don't like headlights in my rear view mirrors! Great car, engine and trans and drivetrain is strong, 148k miles, shifts nice with the new bushings I replace after I got it. Needs work: Sunroof doesn't open or close, rear tires need replacing (fronts are good, like new), valve cover (front) needs gasket, check engine light comes on sometimes, but goes off after. Can't get any codes, but everything runs good and steady. Leather interior (LS model), a few tears and rips in the drivers seat, headliner is deteriorated. Sony Explode head unit, upgraded speakers, rain gets into the trunk, pass door window needs new rollers (have), low pressure side of AC ripped but have a repair kit, a few other extra parts go with it. Bring a flatbed, I'm not buying a new battery for it. Much more photos to those that are sincerely interested. Emails accepted and returned.