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After my Dad got his windscreen smashed on Sunday, we're getting him a new car. NOT a 626 wagon! Probably something like a Hyundai or a Daewoo.

Anyway, we need to clear out his wagons. Yes, there's more than one!

'95 Capella Supercharged Diesel. Dark Blue auto, in fantastic cosmetic condition inside and out. The car has only 88,000 on the clock, before the engine blew in '05. Since then it's been kept under a car cover, in a garage. This car would be a fantastic project to convert to a petrol MX6/Estate.

'90 626 Wagon, silver, auto. Needs a new head. Overall in OK condition, with no rust.

'88 626 Wagon, silver, auto. No rust, but in overall OK condition. Running and registered (sell unregistered).

You could use one of the 626 Wagons as parts to convert the Capella to petrol.


Located in Hastings, Mornington Peninsula.

Here's a pic of the Capella:

My Dad will take some pics tomorrow, and I'll post some new pics then.
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