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'95 MX-6 Stereo Loses Memory

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The JVC deck in my 1995 Mazda MX-6 4-cyl doesn't save any settings when I turn my car off. The radio stations, bass/treb settings, track and time settings, etc all disappear after the car powers off. I have tried pulling it out and rewiring, but everything seems to be in the right place. The person who had the car before me cut the factory wiring harness out of the car so the wires are directly crimped together. What is most likely the cause here?
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The yellow wire coming off the back of the JVC radio is not hooked up to a 12V constant wire. Test all the connections again and make sure that this one wire is connected to a 12V source. That should fix your issue.
Thanks for the reply. I got a stock wiring harness that I want to install to make radio swapping easier in the future. I'll keep my eye on that 12v constant and report back with the results. Any chance that it's the radio? I feel like I have checked it before.
^ Probably not. Like I4MX6 said, most likely the red wire going INTO the CD deck (which is your constant +12 volts...) is most likely hooked up to the same "accessory on" yellow wire coming from your car, along with the yellow wire GOING to your CD player.
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