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I was talking to this guy the other day about his 96 mystereand from the outset it was pretty clear he thought his car was quite the racer, bragging about this and that, how fast it was. When I told him I drove a 90 mx6 gt he was needless to say, not very impressed. So we talked back and forth about our cars performance. When the conversation ended it he was convinced he had the faster car. As luck wwould have it I lined up at a stop light with this guy at about 11:00 that evening just by chance. Off the line I new he was trying to beat me. After about 50 feet we were side by side and I could here himm trying to get everything he could out of his car. At this point I decided I had had enough fun with him, dropped the hammer and left him looking pretty stupid with his girfriend in the passenger seat. this is why I call my car sleeperGT because people never see it coming.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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