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I've got a set of 4 stock alloy wheels (44cm diameter) from my recently-written-off :)tdown:) 97 Probe cluttering up the shed down at my farm.

The wheels are in about as good a condition as anyone has a right to expect from a well-maintained 10+ year-old single-owner vehicle - ie, bloody schmick! :tup:

...and as an added bonus they come complete with a set of 4 Barum (German) radials. :tup:

I never actually drove on these wheels or tyres - the lady I bought the car off had recently fitted a different set of mags/tyres - but she decided to throw the originals in with the deal - and who was I to refuse?

They're currently located on a property in the vicinity of Boorowa, about 350km SW of Sydney - but I'm heading down there this weekend, and can bring 'em back with me then if anyone seals the deal before Thursday (19/02/09) lunchtime.

...otherwise you'll have to wait another couple of weeks till I'm down there again.

I'll take the best offer by PM - or if you're really keen, just phone me on 0420 55 49 49.

Interstaters are welcome to make an offer, but you'll need to organise your own courier to collect from my address in inner-city Sydney.

Pix below are all of one wheel/tyre out of the set. The other three are all of similar standard:


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