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A little help

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Hey all, I have a 90 mx6 gt, I have changed to a Cone air filter, exhaust mod(not sure what last owner did this) MSD ignition and coil, manual boost controler. My car was heating up and I found out the turbo was in need of a rebuild after I finnished this the car would start really hard as in it would turn over several times and slowly fire untill it actually would run. I did a fuel test and discovered my pump was bad, so I replaced it with the walboro upgrade. The car is even harder to start now, I have put new autolite plugs new wires new distributer cap and rotor. Set timeing to stock 9 deg BTC The check engine light I get is for the boost controler, I calibrated the TPS and now I am at a loss. Any ideas would be great thanks.
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ngk > autolite.

also are you sure your getting a good spark? maybe too much fuel? unhooked injectors? :lol:
You say it starts hard, but how does it run otherwise? Does it crank slowly or just crank for a long time before it starts? Get some more detailed info here so we can better help you.
The injectors are hooked up, I don't have a good method to check the strenght of the spark. I have not checked the presure regulator yet and I have not tuned the car. The engine spins over for 8-15 seconds before it starts if it starts and it idles for 1-3 seconds before it dies.
What pump do u have walbro 190 or 255?
255pump, I checked the circuit opening relay (fuel pump relay) and it came out with all sorts of weird readings so I am check it again and if it still isn't right I will replace it.
I took off my walbro 255 cause it was a bitch to start it every time i would crank it, i guess it chokes the motor in gas.
It's not fouling the plugs so I figured it's not getting to much gas.
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