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I received a question from a member of the boads:

When I drive/go over certain bumps/pick up on the rear end, I hear a little click/clicking. Both sides of the rear, down near the wheels. Which part of my rear suspension system is worn out? It'll happen quite randomly. It's really wierd as I can't seem to make it consistently happen. It's sort of a "tink" kind of noise, if that even describes it at all! It's only slightly noisy, but I feel like a putz driving by crowds. I'm that guy with the busted ride! You mentioned some rubber spacers, where they be at?
I went ahead and took some pictures of the rubber spacers I need to have replaced:

This arrow points to the Rubber spacer I'm speaking of. It doesn't easily go bad, but after long enough time, they do go bad, so check these to see if they are worn, like mine is in the picture. If it's not worn, there should be a pretty good amount of rubber, rather than my pitiful amount that is left. Becuase the rubber is gone, when I brake a certain amount, it starts to click becuase the bar is going up and down, clanging the metal. It sounds like the caliper is bad, but it's not it (mine is within 500 miles old).

Here is another, better picture.

I would like to note that is doubted to be a common problem. When you hear clanging in the back when you hit a bump, brake, or go over bumpy roads, I would say it is more likely to be your old struts, sticking caliper, or something else.

However, I wanted to post this so when people run searches (I know, people using searches.. it's unlikely), would have this pop up. Hope I helped!

Edits: Looking at others' posts, it could also be these things (updating constantly):
-Rear sway bar end links
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