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sup board?

i just bought my '94 mx6 with 55k. great car, everything was fine. backed out of my garage and my ABS light comes on, and stays on. the back wheels lock up and wont unlock unless i turn the car off. lowe and behold, both ABS sensors in the back brakes and the relay are shot. has this happened to anyone else? how much to get fixed? where exactly are the ABS sensors?

also, the dealer i bought it from had the brakes done. which i believe shot the sensors, and relay. for one, i cannot believe the dealer let me drive off the lot with a car with faulty brakes. i also have to replace some brake cables in the back. taking the car in on monday and im raising a big stink to have the problems fixed for free. hence the fact i did not cause the problem.

any help is appreciated. thx.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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