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ABS sensor... was easy

just a lil info fyi all, changed my left driver side ABS sensor this weekend and it was sooo easy. four bolts and one clip and it's off. I had a dealer trace the ABS light and do the diagnostic for me about a year ago when my distributor went but he wanted like friggin $325 or so for the sensor. I found a used one at KE Rodgers Mazda, a Pennsylvania used place I found on the web and got it (get this) THE NEXT DAY by UPS ground. And only $50 + $6 shipping. Felt so good to turn the car on and see that light finally go off! Ending up breaking the seal/clip in the wheel well prying the old one off but had a good one on the used part.
If anyone out there needs details please feel free to email, [email protected]


p.s. here is the link, no online database but they were nice on the phone, told me didn't need to reset codes when i changed it.

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