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Acceleration problem

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Recently i started getting one problem with my car. When i start driving on first and second gear the car acts strangely. I push the accelerator, car doesn not do anything, RPM and Speed does not move, and after a couple of seconds it rev up, both RPM and Speed go up.
I think it is clutch slipping, but i have read if it slips, the RPM will go up, but not the speed. In my case RPM and Speed go up together, but after i push for some time on Accelerator pedal.
So what it could be.
Could it be Fuel filter or injectors not givving enough fuel?

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Is your parking brake on? Check the rear calipers/drums and parking brake cable....they could be siezed. I don't think the clutch is slipping.
Actually a year ago my rear wheels end up in water, after some flash flooding, and the next day i wanted to drive the car and it did not move, i had to jack up the car , remove passenger rear wheel and bang with resin hummer the rear drum, after a couple hits it started moving again. But it never happend again, maybe my rear brake is rusted and something failed in there, i wanted to fix it but do not have right tool for hub nut right now.

I hope it is only rear brakes or parking brake.

Thanks i will start getting ready for rear brake job.
Does the car bog?? If it bogs maybe its time for a tuneup??
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