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I was thinking that the 2nd gen Integra lights might work. They sell projectors for them that look pretty good. I think they are longer than our lights though, and may require redoing the grill. I have been wanting some better looking lights for our cars, but do not want to have to cut any metal. I might just have to try my original idea of making my own with fibergass, using the GTS clear headlight covers to keep the outside shape the same. Of course I am very picky about stuff so they would have to look great to be on my car, I don't know if I would be able to meet my own standards :(
As for the Accord lights, they might fit, it would be interesting to see. What year are they for, because somebody could measure them to see if they fit. If they fit without cutting the metal that might be pretty sweet. I'm sure the grill would have to be modded, but I'd do that over cutting the hood or fenders anyday:D
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