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Now since last week race is a little pass 1/8th mile, and charles making excuse about his car not running right and running rich, gave him chance to fix all his problem, i even helped, this time the race is little pass 1/4 mile, 1515 feet to be exact according to my gps.
head up race

I will say he did beat me period. but my n/a gave a hell of a fight.

Ademan n/a vs modded vq maxima... i mess up 2nd but still loss.

Ademan n/a vs leon modded scion tc (I still think he sprayed me but a little too late)
mx6 won

now to the other race
project primer 13psi (goldylox driving) vs charles 13psi turbo 626..race 1 .......primer probe won by 5 or 6 cars ..

project primer vs charles race 2 ... i didnt really know too much but the project primer was clearly in front.

earl modded gto vs john nitrous maxima race twice, 1/8th mile and 1500ft.
maxima won both

maxima vs maxima
auto vs 6speed both modded,same mod, auto won 2ce and 6 speed 1

400awhp talon vs john nitrous maxima from a roll, i think they did 40-120, talon by a car or 2.
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