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Just bought 89 MX6 GT. Nice car but has been maintained poorly. Getting it ready for my kid. Couple of questions:
Have a loud thunk around the passenger side rear wheel. Can actually move the wheel in and out when checking for bearing play. I just have never seen a wheel bearing with this much play, so I am suspecting the adjustable strut-which does not make much sense to me. Any ideas. If it is the strut, can I replace the adjustable strut with normal rear strut for that car.

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I don't think it's the strut.

You can replace the adjustable struts with normal ones with no problem. That's what I did, because I wanted the same suspension feel at all times.
The strut though, I don't think is your problem. They look the same as normal struts. The difference is that there's a motor mounted on top of them which adjusts the strut valving , so the insides are of course different. I'm just saying that it's really not too exotic, so you shouldn't automatically blame your problem on a part of the car you sorta don't understand. (I'm not trying to be rude there; maybe I was though.)
As far as maintenance goes, make sure the timing belt has been replaced; if it breaks that's the end of your engine. it should have been replaced every 60,000 miles. Mail me or use the search feature if you wanna know how to do this. It's too bad that people take advantage of the fact that these cars can withstand a lot of abuse, and abuse them.

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