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Adjusting odometer/speedometer to compensate for larger rims...

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k idk i doubt all that title will show up but i just wanted to know if there was a way to adjust the speedometer and the odometer to compensate for larger rims im only going to 16 inch rims and i will be adjusting the tire size so it will be basically negligible but i was just wondering.

i determined thru the probe tire calcutalor that the 185/70R14s on my car will be almost the same as 205/50R16s that i will be getting for the rims im hoping to pick up tomorrow. they currently have 205/55R16s on them and will not replace them until they need replacing so i dont want everything to be off... i know its not that much but...

thanks for any help or direction.

185/70R14s - 24.2"
205/55R16s - 24.9"
205/50R16s - 24.1"

just in case anyone else wanted to know:tup:
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only way to change the odometer is to swap the gear on the end of the speedo cable. since the only car that uses the h type is the mx6/probe turbo, your probably limited to one choice (stock). though the non-turbo trans might be swappable with the 323/escort/tracer/laser/2nd gen mx6/whatever.
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