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After 10k miles of spraying

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After 10k miles of spraying an engine with over 200k miles with stockmmazda headgasket. for the past 4 weeks, since before the last track day(13.7runs), i have been smelling oil and the car smokes but i dont really pay too much attention to it. i thought it could either be the valve seal or the head gasket. guess im right. the headgasket is back but the car only have oil leak. the car temp gauge is good and i drive it 100 miles a day. well got back home today and took it apart.

as you can see. the gasket is in pieces and number 1 and 2 cyl leaks out.

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spraying OFF! - ftw!

How much were you spraying? wet/dry?

One of these days i'm gonna live up to my s/n haha
How much were you spraying? wet/dry?
I'd guess he sprayed about 2 qts of 10w30... I guess that's wet.. :)
the off bug spray is also wet!!
gotta save myself from the killer bugs/mosquitos
Just hook that can up to your injectors yo, you'll clean them bugs right out.

Good luck with your head gasket, make sure you get the head checked too. Don't wanna put it back on and change the gasket again in a month :tdown:
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