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alternator - main fuse- battery

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The main fuse which connects the alternator to battery is 100 amps. I have a high output alternator coming(150 amps) so I need to replace this fuse. I have checked advanced auto parts and they could not find a higher amperage fuse that was of the same form as stock. Does anyone here know of any?

If not, are those the only 2 connections from the main fuse? Because if they are I can just fuse it outside of the box with an ANL fuse and fuse holder. I would expect at least another connection to come from this fuse, how else would the rest of the car obtain its power?

Any help would be appreciated, I have a hayne's manual but there is no diagram of the entire fuse box, which is what I really need.

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I was going to suggest the outboard fuse idea, actually.

That main fuse connection sends power down through the rest of the fusebox, which is basicly a big distrobution block for the rest of the car. ;)

So, if I were to fuse the alternator directly to the battery(instead of the main fuse) the battery would still charge and the car could steal that power as well(as I assume it does somewhat).

I would then have to put the stock 100 amp fuse back in the box, which I believe would be safe because the car should not draw more than 100 amps since it did not in the start of things, and those draws weren't changed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this sounds feasable to me.

netminder: you are correct in your reasoning. You can rewire the alternator directly to the battery (or through an ANL fuse, if you wish), and then you can keep the 100A main fuse since the load there is not going to change. As long as you hook your amplifiers directly to the positive battery cable you will be fine.
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