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Alternator - one for john i think??

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hi john and all,

a quick question - i need to replace the alternator in me car - wasnt a short in the dash (sigh). on phoning around i have been offered two types?? one is an 80amp the other is a 90amp v pulley???

which one do i need??

thanks in advance,

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2.5's are 90 amp. vee ribbed belt

thanks john, i thought i better check with the expert(smile)

Darn, took me too long to find the answer:

Quote from Haynes:
"... take the old one with you when purchasing a replacement unit. Make sure the new/rebuilt unit looks identical to the old alternator. Look at the terminals - they should be the same in number, size and location as the terminals on the old alternator. Finally look at the identification numbers - they will be stamped into the housing or printed on a tag attached to the housing. Make sure the numbers are the same on both alternators."

"Many new/rebuilt alternators DO NOT have a pulley installed, so you may have to switch the pulley from the old unit to the new one. When buying an alternator find out the store's policy regarding pulleys; some stores will perform this service free of charge."

All that, and not one word on the alternator specs... :(

Just checked the Technical Service CD and found this for the Probe:

2.0L: 80 Amp.
2.5L: 90 Amp.

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thanks for the concise answer ken, specially the bit about the pulley, ill watch out for that.

There is a local guy who re-build alternators... all the garages use him as well.
He had one in for mine, all nicely reconned.. £80 all in.. as for amps.. it went clean off the scale on his test rig, he reckons it pushing over 120A !!

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