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About a week ago I noticed a awful noise coming from what I think is the alternator or the belt. When I start the car up in the morning it squakes for about 10 seconds then stops. However, even when the car is warmed up and I stop the noise comes back. It's only when I get the motor above 1500 rpm does it stop. At first I suspected it was the alternator itself but this problem has not affected the battery at all. I have all kinds of juice. What I think is happening is the belt itself has gone. I tried tightening it up but it made things worse. Has anybody else had this problem? Any ideas? I was hoping I could fix this problem myself. I hate the idea of having to take it in. The labour to change the belt would no doubt cost me a fortune. It's going to be a real bitch to get it out.

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Bad news.

If the sounds is coming out from the alternator, the bearings could be going out. If that is the problem, you'd have to buy a new one. I haven't heard of a belt squealing unless its loose, not because it is worn. But who knows?

I had a problem similar to yours on my old Accord. Except it was the water pump. Couldn't hear it when revving but it was a loud squeal-like sound during idle. I changed it and it was fixed.

It's not too difficult to change the alt. belt.
If the belt is on the outside, then take the powersteering and A/C belt off first. Then loosen the belt on the alt. and slide it off. If you feel you need more room to take off the belt, remove the passenger-side tire and wheel well skirt.
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