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Alternator replaced, stereo Effed?

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Hey Guys,

Some of you may have read my recent post asking for help (

I got a new alternator put in today. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions it really helped to keep the costs below what I was expecting.

I have a new problem now however, which I assumed was simply due to a lack of power before but has remained after the new parts were installed.

I have a Pioneer Premier deck in my car, when I put the faceplate on, the lights on the deck come on, but the display itself is blank, and it won't play any tunes or respond to any button presses. The first time I noticed this was right in the midst of my last set of electrical problems.

I checked the fuse, its fine. I even tried swapping it with my sunroof fuse and the sunroof worked fine after the swap.

Where would you guys begin to try and fix this? Should I pull my deck and try swapping it with an older one I still have kicking around? Or is it best to just go to an install shop and have them check it out? I've had problems with my deck in the past, but nothing like this and it was always killing fuses before...

All help is greatly appreciated. You guys are seriously the best!!
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Swap the old one in, that will tell you right away if your deck is the problem.
since it has probably lost power since all these issues you may have to push the power or source button to turn it on again.
Sounds to me like the deck is toast. If the lights come on, there is power and that's all the deck requires. If it is not coming on properly, it has its own problems.

Test the old one (am sure it will work) and then go get a new deck.
Hey guys thanks again for the help on this :)

Boltz, you nailed it this time :) I basically put the head unit on, hit the 'eject' button to kick the CD out of it and it immediately lit up and switched over to 'Tuner'. I had tried pressing all the buttons on the unit aside from the cd eject but it looks like that was the magic one :)

Thank goodness, I didn't want to spend all of today working on it :)
yo sliksix wats the update on ur ryde?
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