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my 6 got into an accident yesterday.
this guy i know backed into my front right end...
his 99 prelude with full body kit and shogun wings got scratches on the bumper and the bumper got little lose.
on my side, from what i can see, my bumper got lose, paint scratched, my front right turn signal housing broke, and my right panel got bent in the front. my bumper was already lose on the left side because just 3 weeks ago, another guy i know backed into my car wit his ford and scraped paint off my left side on the top. so my bumper right now looks really lose from both sides. so i'm guessing with those two hits, frame like thingy behind the bumper must be damaged. and the right panel doesn't look like it got scracted but the part where it meets the bumper is bent all the way in. does anyone know what would have to be done in general? i haven't got a chance to bring it into a bodyshop and i just wanna know the basic idea.
i'm guessing re-do the bumper, and re-position and/or un-bent the frame thingy behind the bumper, and straighten the panel. but if they straighten the panel, would they have to re paint it? and if they do, would it be better to get the whole front end repainted (because the color won't match right?) any input would be appreicated.
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