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you might want to go to a honda board and ask, they know more about angle eyes than we do, or go to a BMW site and ask, since BMW was the first to put the Angle eyes out on the market.
There is not alot of MX-6's (that I know of) that have the angle eyes, I don't think any mx-6 came with them stock, so they must be aftermarket. Call the supplier and ask about replacement blubs, they may be LED bulbs so in that case you will have to get a new resistor with the LED. But they also may be halogen.

Hope I helped a bit.


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angel eye problem

Have you fixed it yet? If not, it may be the connection. I had to replace the original female connecters with some from autozone.

I just cut the wires and put new blue female wire connectors on them and put them back on my bulbs and I haven't had a problem since.

My husband said it was because the original gold connectors had some sort of clear coat or something on them and said we could have sanded them a little and that could have fixed it but I'm glad I went ahead and changed them out because the new ones are a real snug fit.

I guess the only downfall would be losing the little black rubber thing that covered the original connectors.

Oh, It may just be a bulb mine are H7. I just replaced all four of mine with some super white ones. I got them for like 1.99 each off ebay. They are great. Anyway, I hope this will help.
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