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My a.c. is no longer producing cool air. It sounds okay, just no cold air. I'm assuming that the mx-6 uses the R12 fluid from reading other discussions on the site. But I still need to check under the hood to be sure. So would purchasing the conversion kit take care of my problem? That is if i can do the maintenance myself? I do most of the standard maintenance myself.

thanks in advance for any replies.

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Well, the conversion kit might work, but there's a few things that would need to be done first.

First, you have to have all the R12 taken out of your system, it is illegal to do this without a license. If you take it to a qualified a/c mechanic, they should be able to recover all of your R12, flush the system, and identify any leaks in the system. If you were to refill with R12, your system MUST hold a vacuum for 5 minutes, EPA regulation. Also note that R12 is EXPENSIVE, you're probably looking at $2-300 for a full charge.

R12 is the ozone-eating substance we've been told to fear. They dont make it anymore, hence the outrageously high prices for it. Unfortunately, its the most efficient refrigerant for automobiles found so far.

R134a is about 2/3 as good, and there aren't any EPA regulations on using it either. You can do practically whatever you want with it, whether it be fill your own A/C system or use it to get dust out of hard to reach places (Those duster cans are the same stuff- tetrafluoroethane) but reduced cooling isn't its only downfall. It operates at a higher pressure than R12 did, so it will tend to leak faster from an imperfect system.

To do a retrofit on an EMPTY system is pretty easy. There's some fittings they give you with the kit to twist onto your existing A/C valves (under law, each refrigerant is supposed to have a different valve fitting)

You want to load the refrigerant into the low pressure valve, which is located on the compressor itself (the one on the hose to the right of the compressor is the high pressure valve- dont load it there)

Ask your mechanic how much to load, I dont know what the proper amount is, I was told to put in way too much and fried my compressor. So if you find out, tell me too.
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