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I Bought a 1995 MX-6 Ls...I just did the antenna everyone was telling me it was going to be a pain...It was the easiest thing ive ever done...

Tools needed:

12mm socket wrench
Philips head Screw Driver
5 min time
A friend to turn the radio off
take the carpet pin out and there should be one bolt and 2 plugs going into the motor you can unplug the plug going into the side
the bottom one wont come out doesnt need to anyway...
take the 5 philips screws out n the motor will come apart there is a circular drum in the middle remove the broken antenna cord.Put the motor back together n re install it into the trunk.Now undo the silver(gold in my case)cap on the outside where the antenna is it just unscrews then slicde the old antenna out.put the new one in push the wire as far down as posible have a friend turn the radio "OFF" have it on then turn it will take the antenna wire n and then put the rimg on n u r done....
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