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Antenna, where the power wire is?

Hey all,

My antenna is broken on my 93 mx6, and I dont care about it because Cds are played 24/7, so not a big deal. But the sound it makes attempting to go up is becoming a pain in the ass. Does anyone know where the power wire to that is?


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if u have an aftermarket radio, its the blue wire coming off the wire harness in the back of the radio. there's usually 2. one with a white stripe, one solid blue. one is the antenna lead, one is the amp turn on. if your antenna is trying to go up and down when in cd mode or any non-radio mode, you prolly have em wrong. if a power antenna lead is hooked up properly, the antenna only goes up (or tries to in this case) when in radio mode. thats how mine is on my alpine. i know pioneers, kenwoods, sonys, jvcs, and clarions are that way too. unless u have a brand other than those, yours is too. if you arent using amps then just disconnect & cap whatever blue wire IS connected. i forget if its the striped on or the solid one, but its definitely blue.
some radios have a color code diagram on top. try that too.

hope it helps

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Mine did the same thing. To "Fix" it I went to the antenna motor and disconnedted the wires going into it. It is in the trunk right under antenna. Simple to do.Now I just leave my antenna up.

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I have a niece. She has strong hands. I have a broken antenna. Anyone know what the replacement cost is for the mast? (CDN$)


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I have a 93 also, but I was thinking of just getting one of thoes invisible ones, they are only like $20 (US$) and I won't have to worry about it making a really horrible sound every time I want to listen to a tape. A friend told me their antenna broke three times his is a 93 also... Must be the year!
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