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HI guys.. I'm doing a bit of a side-line project in automotive school... and need some info about the AB Flug S900 supra that I'm doing info on.

I know pretty much everything about the car from ridiculous amounts of research online. But I dont know what year the chassis is. thats the thing right there.... I've heard its a 2001, others have said its a 1998.. others have said its a 1993.

Does anybody know the EXACT year of the car? if anybody can find out the VIN (that I can process to get the chassis year) then I'll send you a $40 money order. Sounds good?

either that or just the actual info. If you can speak (and write Japanese) [I cant] then that would work.

Its quite important since there were a fair bit of changes on the car over the years between 1993 to the 2002 that they made the supra (in Japan only) from.

Thanks to all.

( I dont know a word in Japanese so any translation or help to get the VIN or chassis date of production would be un-believably much appreciated.
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